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Wedding in action

My name is Stuart and I created Film4Life productions with the sole purpose of bringing stories to


Film4Life started after having a conversation with friends on holiday who, at the time, were having a videographer at their wedding. They knew I studied film and film production at university (back in 2001!) and kept up video editing as a hobby which prompted the comment "Stuart you could do something like this" to which I responded (after some thought of course), ..."yes I think I could!"

My huge interest in film making came from my late grandad, Jonny. He used to work as a projectionist for one of the Odeon cinemas in London over 50 years ago. He spent his time managing the film reels by making sure they were cut and loaded at the correct time for the audience to watch. It was also where he met my nan, Kathleen. She worked as one of the cinema's usherettes.

I was quite young when he passed away but my mum always told me that he was a huge fan of the classic movies and even knew the entire dialogue to Gone With The Wind and would even act out all of the scenes....including the female actor roles! He would also turn up the volume really loud whenever the 20th Century Fox opening credit came on at the start of every film. Everyone including my mum and dad had to be quiet at that point just like they were all in the cinema.

Grandparents old photo

I feel that my grandad's passion for film had a great influence on me, to appreciate a good story and make it an event to remember! This nostaglic passion is what excites me and is what I bring to the films I create. I love looking at the detail of the footage and matching the emotions you see on screen with the sounds you hear, especially with the use of music. The relationship between music and film is such a powerful combination that can really embellish the emotion of the moment and so I feel privileged to have many opportunities in sharing someones special day and exploring this and creatively telling a couple's story. 

Since 2009 I have filmed many weddings in beautiful locations across the UK and have even been featured on Wedding TV. I also had the opportunity of filming a celebrity wedding (ask me about it as their lawyers don't like me to put anything about it on here!)


If you have any ideas for your film or if you simply just want a professional to film your wedding then I am happy to help. I pride myself on the close relationships I make and from the 100% feedback I receive on the films I create.


I may be biased but it really is the best investment you can make. With all the time and money spent on your special day why not watch it again and again in all its glory and relive the memories you all shared together at that moment in time.

I can't wait to hear from you!

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